We now have a new option for our customers to easily find and indicate their location by Geo-tagging their delivery address. This is done through two simple steps of setting your map (location) and then pre-filling the delivery form where you can also indicate to us that you do not wish to be called for delivery. 

Setting your Map

-Users will be able to select their geo-tagged location while creating or updating an address, on the “Manage Address Book” Page, by showing a map with a default view of the user's selected country.
-Users can automatically locate their current location by clicking on the “Find my location” button, search for an address or simply move the pin to the desired location.
-Users can later view or update their map location.

Pre-filling your address

-Help me fill my address button is used after setting the map location to help the user by pre-filling some of the address form fields.

== Address form new fields (Structured data) ==

+ Don’t call

-A new checkbox will be added to the address form that the customers can check if they don’t want to be called for delivery schedule.
-We will clearly communicate that this option will be applicable only for online payments.

+ Nearest Landmark:

-We will add an optional text field for users to optionally specify location’s nearest landmark.

+ Preferred Delivery Time

-We will add a new drop down field that has 3 different time slots for the preferred delivery time.