Below are the Top 4 Reasons you should shop online on E-commerce Stores: 



     The wide variety and huge number of online shopping site offer much lower and competitive prices than that of physical stores. There are a few reasons that facilitate this price advantage. Firstly, because many people are always connected to the Internet and are browsing the net continuously. E commerce owners understand this very well. They mostly will reduce their profit margin to attract more customers, which reduces the chance of facing unnecessary inflation. Another reason could also be the ease in just being able to browse different sites and compare prices along with specs. 


    Convenience was the whole point of focus when E-commerce first came in to being apart from just having a pure price advantage over other physical stores. You see, customer do not need to ensure that they get dressed and drive off to the nearest or biggest mall (for choices). You can simply just get comfortable on your couch or rather your bed in your pajamas, browse the website, find your item and pay for it and have it delivered to your door step. Customers also do not have time restraints on them which enables them to shop even after stores are closed for the day. This helps especially those who work real irregular hours and cannot wait for the store to open up. 


     A shop can only display so much of products to provide you with the options you need when shopping on the site. Also each store in each mall is set up to cater specific type of people and hence sometimes you might not find what you are looking for in that particular place. Online Shops, on the other hand, allows you to find many products that you would not be able to find in stores physically. They provide for everyone and anyone who visits the site. Wider range of products and more choices at the lowest of costs come so easily via them. 


     When going to malls or other physical stores, a lot of times you end up buying more stuff than what you actually came for. Stores use posters , sales messaging and product placement methods to make customer buy more. Most of the popular products are kept at the back of the shop, so as to ensure that customers browse through all the items displayed. By the time the customer reaches what he actually came for, he has already put a lot more into his/her cart. E commerce stores do not use such tactics with the customer. Most popular items are always ahead and available for purchasing immediately once you've logged into the site. This helps you to reduce the pressure of buying anything else.